If we can't guarantee to place your site on Page 1 we will tell you so!

Who We Are

At Canada SEO Service we learned it the hard way, we are business people who needed customers. We needed great Google ranking. Our websites worked for us, then they worked for the people who called to ask 'who wrote your website?' Our search engine optimization techniques worked too; after our own pages dominated Google, more people called to say 'how did you do that?' Through them, we became one of Canada's most effective web design firms.They're dominating Page 1 in their own fields now, gleaning customers who found their website fast and stayed on it long enough to click 'contact' because they liked what they read. .Now it's your turn... contact us today!

What We Do

We begin with your ideal customer. What are they looking for and how are they going about finding it? We interview you a little... find out what makes you special. Then we use our knowledge of you, of your customer, of web design, of reader psychology and copywriting to design a website that works. We use our SEO skills to get your Google ranking to Page 1. (And don't believe anyone who says it can't be done, check out our portfolio!) And we support your site on a monthly basis to keep it there. Our Canadian Search Engine optimization skills, allied with our design and copywriting expertise make us your first choice among web design firms.


Contact Canada SEO Service for a FREE CONSULTATION to identify your website needs. Do you have a site already? We can check your Google ranking, bounce rate and keywords to advise on making it work harder for you. Do you need a site built from scratch? Do you know if a static site or a blog would work best for your business? We'll advise you free of charge.


Are  you a great writer? Are you looking at web design firms to help you devise the copy for your website? Great, we'll teach you how to write for Canada search engine optimization and weave your words into a website that works. Don't know where to start? That's ok, we'll write it for you!  Want to monetize your site with ads? Feel like syndicating blogs to Facebook and Twitter? Add podcasts or videos? Your website will Work!


Canada SEO Service will take care of all the headaches. From buying domain names to hosting and search engine registration. We'll be your ghost blogger if you like. Once your site has achieved top Google ranking we'll be checking and updating it so that you never slip from that coveted Page 1 slot. We'll even guarantee never to work for a rival in your sector in your town (not all web design firms do this!) Contact us today to get a website  that works.

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web design firms,google ranking,website designers,web design prices

web design firms,google ranking,website designers,web design prices